About Us

Happy Glow Skincare was birthed my last semester in nursing school; To be honest the goal wasn't to start a company, it was to create a solution to a problem that I had, when I started to suffer from stressed induced acne & hyper-pigmentation. Which caused me to feel insecure and self conscious about my skin, I wasn't myself anymore, I didn't want to be around others, I dreading going out in public and my confidence level had hit rock bottom. So I knew I had to do something about it. Being the problem solver that I am and the nurse that I was becoming. I went on a mission to research and create products that would not only repair my skin but also maintain my natural glow, I was determined to take my skin back !

In nursing I take a holistic approach to caring and healing my patients, Happy glow Skincare takes the same approach when it comes to your skin and body, by educating on Wellness, Skincare, and Prevention all while  promoting Positive Vibes. We put Diversity at the center of our brand to create products for all skin types and for people of all backgrounds. No matter the skin shade or type we have something just for you. 

We continue to research ingredients that has healing properties and produce clean skincare that are formulated to improve a wide range of issues such as, hyper-pigmentation, dullness, fine lines and acne breakouts just to name a few. Our products are made from safe and natural ingredients, free from toxins and parabens with the keys ingredient being peace and love.


Anna Banana