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The 3 Step Lazy Skincare Routine- cleanse, treat, protect

The 3 Step Lazy Skincare Routine- cleanse, treat, protect

The Lazy Skincare Routine for busy tired days.

Sometimes we're lucky to get home and have the energy to make dinner, nevertheless have time to do our full skincare routine. Especially for us women that do a million and one things throughout the day, it’s important to practice some form of self love at the end of the day. For me and plenty of other working professionals that’s doing our skincare routine.

I came up with the lazy skincare routine after coming home from very long 12 hour overnight shift during the height of the covid 19 pandemic. I didn’t sit for a second that night, as an Emergency room nurse I don’t get to sit a lot but that night was really one for the books.

So imaging standing for 12 hours straight, I had no energy to stand in front a mirror to do my skincare routine, but I had been wearing a mask for 12 hours with no break for my face. For someone with acne-prone skin I had to do something so I didn’t wake up with a face full of breakout.

Here’s what I did, I applied & massage the Precleanse oil into my face before hopping in the shower, once I’m in the shower I runs some hot water for a few and let the steam bounce on my skin then wash it off . Once I’m out the shower I let my face air dry, once it’s dry but not dripping I press the tonic toner into my skin. Once that’s soaking into the skin I dry my body off and thrown an oversize tee. By then my toner has completely sunk in so I go in with a bean size of my Rose & Aloe Moisturizer. By the time I knew it, in less than 10 minutes I had showered, done my routine and in bed before I started yawning.

It happened so seamlessly as if I’ve been doing it for months. It was literally that easy, I know its not ideal to do everyday but it comes in handy for those tired, exhausting days. That was the birth of the lazy skincare routine. Try it and let me know how it goes.

The 3 Step Lazy Skincare Routine - Cleanse, Treat, Protect

Precleanse Oil, Tonic toner, Rose & Aloe Moisturizer. if you do this in the morning apply sunscreen.

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