Fall Skincare Switches To Keep Your Skin Happy And Hydrated

Fall Skincare Switches To Keep Your Skin Happy And Hydrated

Summer’s over! And we’ve landed in the prime of “Can I get a Pumpkin Spice Latte” Season. You know that clearly means it’s time to crack out your favorite fall candles and give your skin a seasonal update to ensure your skin remains glowing and healthy year-round.


In summer your skincare routine is stacked with lightweight moisturizers and water based cleansers that makeups for the sweaty season and to control any excess oil or shine. But as we go into the lower temps and higher winds, it’s a great time to make a few key swaps and build out your routine with products and ingredients that will give you some much needed hydration.

I’m not saying throw away all your products! There’s no need to stop using all of your products; but the aim is to rearrange your existing skincare lineup with the right products to prevent the change in seasons from causing dehydration, flakiness or roughness and keep your skin plump and hydrated despite the drop in humidity and dry air.


As the air starts to get thinner and the temps drop, you’re going to want to focus on working a focus on locking in on hydration in your routine. You can save your thick and creamy moisturizers and body creams for winter and instead reach for hydrating products instead. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerin are available in many skin care products (

Serums, creams, moisturizer) and will give your skin a serious moisture boost without doing too much.


1.A nourishing oil cleanser

This is a great way to introduce an extra bit of hydration into your routine without a lot of effort. Oil cleansers are great for dry skin as they replenish your skin while they remove your makeup, sunscreen and any oil based product.

2. Hydrating body butters

Colder weather won’t just impact the skin of your face. Your body is going to need an extra dose of hydration to keep it supple and soft a midst the season change.

3.Richer face cream

During the summer we were all about lightweight products that wouldn’t feel heavy or cause any extra oiliness. Come fall, your skin is going to need a little extra help.

Pro tip! If you want to use up your lightweight face cream first, you can use a face oil as a booster. Just add a few drops to your face cream before you apply, mix, and gently massage onto your skin. You’ll get the extra nourishment your skin needs without wasting anything.

4. Vitamin C serum

All that heavy sun exposure during the summer from you going out snd living your best life, can leave you with hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant known for it’s ability to target dark spots, brighten, and improve skin tone overall. It’s a brilliant addition to any seasonal skin care routine, especially in the fall, when you’re trying to treat that annoying hyperpigmentation. Find one with supportive brighteners like niacin amide and make it part of your morning routine.

5.Sunscreen you’ll actually wear.

Summer’s over but that definitely does not mean you stop protecting your skin. Protecting your skin from free radicals and UV damage is an all year round job. The goal is to find a sunscreen that is not greasy and does not leave a white cast on your skin, one that you’ll like wearing. In fall, something with long-lasting hydration will keep your skin happy and protected.


Towards the end of fall when you’ve had enough pumpkin spice and apple pies, it’s time to bring in the big boys. A face cream loaded with shea butter and ceramics will do a lot of heavy lifting. Adding a nourishing body oil can also help prevent cracked elbows and rough skin. Lets not forget the sunscreen ! Ever!